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Regional Networking System

A Regional Networking System is a Lateral system, not hierarchical system. The idea of a Regional Networking System is to empower people on a grassroots basis. The linking of individuals & groups to solve the problems that individuals/communities face in their daily life. Also to improve the quality of life for everyone. Not only those who can afford it.

The system needs to reach out to all members of the community, not just the activists. It needs those on the Left & Right, those who are not involved in politics, and those who are religious or atheists. Both old & young, whether members of a majority or a minority. The way this can be done, is to state that the Regional Networking System is neutral. But has a positive direction of community development. If it is not a neutral system, but take a direction that will alienate one section of society. Then it wont work.

A Regional Networking System is a Three Dimensional Networking system, consisting of :-


• Area

• Subject

• Cooperation


Area Dimension

Local Community Network

If a Individual joins a 'Local Health Group' which is interested in helping people to improve the health of the local community. The 'Local Health Group' may also link up with other groups in the local area i e. Education groups, environmental groups, spiritual groups, etc. To form a 'Local Community Network'. The membership of the 'Local Community Network' will also be open to Individuals, so that everyone from the local community can be involved in the decision making process.

The objectives of a 'Local Community Network' is to:-

• Finding specific local problems & solutions

• Helping people to solve their personal problems.

• Setting up neighbourhoods networks or linking with existing organisations.

• Individuals & groups coming together in their neighbourhood, to see how there neighbourhood can be improved.

• A local Community network can have the neighbourhood networks come together for coordination purposes.

• Individuals & groups to plan out what projects & events for their area.

• Linking existing groups/organisations together.


'Regional Cooperation Council'

If each local area had its own 'Local Community Network' then all the Local Community Network's could come together in the region to form a 'Regional Cooperation Council' to coordinate regional concerns like Transport, Homeless or the environment, set up Forums discussions on regional matters. The Regional Cooperation Council would deal with matters that couldn't be done on a local basis. Also, if any conflicts arise could help to solve them or refer the conflict to a mediation service. The Regional Cooperation Council will link with other regional Coordinating organisations.


 Subject Dimension

In the Subject Dimension the 'Local Health Group' can link up with other local Health groups & organisations to form a 'Local Health Network'. It would coordinate a local health strategy for its area, plus any other coordinating activity.



'Local Health Network' could also link up with other 'Local Health Networks' from other areas to form a 'Regional Health Network'. This would focus coordinating activity on a regional basis on the subject of health and exchange information on what each network is doing. Also, it could join the 'Regional Cooperation Council'.

The above example show how a specific subject like 'Health' can be organised. We can have endless number of subjects like Education, Personal Development, Spiritual Development, The Homeless, Environmental, crime-prevention, sport & Games, discussions, unemployment, poverty, etc.. Anything that people are concern or interested in.


 Cooperation Dimension

You will notice there is a lot of overlapping networking & activities. This is done on purpose. Because it will be up to the people involved in the networks to decide if there is too much duplication & what changes are necessary. Cooperation is the most important part of this 3D-Networkng. Because it would be impossible to work a Lateral system of organisation without it.

There is another question to answer. This is how are different regions going to cooperate & coordinate with each other? The first thing is to state, that the 'Regional Cooperation Council' is not a body that demands that every group & network obey is rules. Its relies on voluntary cooperation, but it can set up conflict resolution structures.

Cooperation Councils in different regions can cooperate with each other, & set up International networks. Also, the 'Regional Cooperation Council' would link with other regional coordinating organisations

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